The National Consumer Helpline was set up in March 2005 to provide information and guidance to consumers on their grievances. It also provides personalized counseling, advice, guidance, and handholding of consumers on enquires and complains of any consumer related goods or services.

The tagline of the National Consumer Helpline is ‘……. towards making a smart consumer’.


A Nation of awakened, empowered and responsible consumers and socially and legally responsible Corporates.


To provide telephonic advice, information, and guidance to empower Indian
consumers and persuade business to reorient their policy and management systems to address consumer concerns and grievances adopting world class

Objectives of State Consumer Helpline:

State Consumer Helpline has been established with the following objectives:

i) Development of a state resource at State level to be networked with national resource center.

ii) Developing an Alternate Consumer Disputes Redressal mechanism at the State Level.

iii) The maximization of disputes resolved out of court.

iv) Early resolution of complaints.

v) Reaching out to rural consumers.

vi) Capacity building of State level VCOs.

vii) Companies and Service providers to become more active in dispute

viii) Provide service in the regional language in addition to the English language.